Agricultural Policy Support Unit (APSU)

Ministry of Agriculture

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

About Portal


The APSU data portal aims to provide a platform for the primary national collection of agriculture-related indicators compiled in the Yearbook of Agricultural Statistics of Bangladesh, a regular publication of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).


This data portal is an output of the Agricultural Policy Support Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, with technical assistance from IFPRI, and joint funding from USAID and the Government of Bangladesh.

Type Time series
Periodicity Monthly, Annual*
Last Updated Automatically generated from system
Granularity National, Division, District
Topic Agriculture, National Income, Prices and Wages
Attribution/Citation Yearbook of Agricultural Statistics, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
Coverage 1990–current*


*Depending on the indicators and data availability


Please contact us for any information regarding the APSU data portal.