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Selection and Prioritization of Agricultural Projects in Bangladesh: Plan For Five Years FY 2015 – FY 2019

Published on: August 2, 2015 | Tags: APSU, MOA, and Prioritization. Category: Reports.
Selection and prioritization report

On 18 March 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) held a meeting to discuss its plan of action for selection and prioritization of projects to implement during the five-year period from fiscal year (FY) 2014/15 to FY 2018/19. The additional secretary (PPC) chaired the high-level meeting, which was also attended by the Secretary, MOA.

The chair informed meeting attendees that the MOA had asked all 16 departments of the ministry to submit project proposals in light of the 2013 National Agricultural Policy, the Sixth Five-Year Plan, and the government’s election manifesto of 2014. Accordingly, the 16 departments submitted proposals for a total of 246 projects to be considered for implementation by the ministry.

The MOA secretary advised that the prioritization exercise should classify the selected projects into high-, medium-, and low-priority categories. He also suggested to group the projects according to duration from short- to long-term.

At the meeting, it was decided that the ministry’s Agricultural Policy Support Unit (APSU) would select and prioritize the projects proposed by the 16 departments based on their relevance to the 2013 National Agricultural Policy, the Sixth Five-Year Plan, and the government’s election manifesto of 2014. The APSU would undertake the exercise with technical assistance from researchers of the Policy Research and Strategy Support Program (PRSSP) implemented by the International Food Policy Research Institutes (IFPRI) and funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

The selection and prioritization took place in March and April 2014. From March 27 to April 1, representatives of the 16 MOA departments met with APSU officials and IFPRI researchers; they jointly reviewed each of the 246 proposals. Meetings with two to five MOA departments were held each day. Following the review meetings, several institutions revised their project concept notes in view of the discussions; revisions were subsequently appraised by APSU officials.

This report presents the results of the selection and prioritization exercise carried out by the APSU with IFPRI’s technical support. The report is organized in five sections: following this background, Section 2 highlights the agricultural policies and strategies presented in the 2013 National Agricultural Policy, and the Sixth Five-Year Plan, and the election manifesto of 2014. Section 3 presents the conceptual framework used for the selection and prioritization exercise. Section 4 provides a summary of the results of the exercise. Section 5 presents the list of selected projects and their implementation dates, costs, priority, and timeframe.

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